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    I absolutely love shoes but unfortunately, I'm one of the 99.9% of islander girls that is blessed with big BEAUTIFUL feet (blessing in disguise that is). 

    I have the struggle of breaking all my heels after a night out of partying a bit too hard (sometimes to my embarrassment, breaking them while I'm out and would have to go barefoot) and even worse breaking my cousin's fav pairs of shoes as well. BUT enough was enough and I scored myself a pair of these beauty's and all of a sudden those problems don't exist for me anymore! The most comfortable pair heels that fit my BEAUTIFUL big and wide feet! Now I can dance all night long without having to worry about breaking them or having to elevate my feet from wearing tight heels. Not to mention, they're easy to style!

    Highly recommend you get yourself a pair and save yourself the struggles I use to have.

    Tauilo T - Brisbane, Australia.

  • "Quality Shoes"


    Absolutely adore these awesome shoes, they are super comfy, stylish and cute. Quality is second to none. Most definitely worth investing in a pair. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations Gustavia. 

    Vanessa M - Brisbane, Australia

  • Best pair of shoes ever!


    Love wearing them! i get many compliments and they are so comfortable to wear! thanks so much Staavias!! will buy from you again soon!

    Fuatino F - Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Best Heels EVER!


    This review is LONG overdue lol! Honestly best service when it came to buying the heels! Kept in touch with me throughout the whole process even while overseas in China! Best of all the heels are extremely comfortable, because of them being lace up, you can adjust them to suit your comfortability. I'm able to wear these heels from 8PM to the early hours of the morning (while intoxicated should I add) knowing that I look FAB in the heels and can actually still walk in them! Don't even get me started on the durability of these shoes as well! They've been through thick and thin and still look gorgeous! Super super super comfortable and a MUST HAVE for all us wide foot humans haha. A+++ for everything!

    Danae M - Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Walking in a cloud


    At my size never have I felt so comfortable in heels. Put them on as soon as I received them and didn't take them off til late. No blisters, squashed toes or red marks in sight. Thank you so much for such a high quality product. Definitely heart eyes from me

    Sarah M - Sydney, Australia.

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Size Chart

To ensure a correct fit, please measure your feet to find the LENGTH and GIRTH measurements.

To measure the LENGTH of your foot, measure from your heel to the end of the tallest toe. 

To measure the GIRTH of your foot, measure right around the widest part of your foot. 

Compare your measurements to these measurements below. If you need help or have any questions - jump on live chat or email/phone us. 

 Size 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 12.5 13 14
Length (cms) 26.4 27.3 28.1 29.0 29.8 30.7 31.5 32.3
Wide Width (cms) 24.4 25.0 25.7 26.3 26.9 27.6 28.3 29.2