What is Staavias?

Staavias is a premium footwear brand based in Auckland, New Zealand. Staavias specialises in handcrafted shoes for women in specific sizes, 10 to 14 including wide widths. Staavias shoes are only available online with no physical stores as yet. 

Where did the name Staavias come from?

The name Staavias comes from the first name of the founder and CEO, Gustavia Lui. Gustavia is a Swedish name which means "home of the defense" *insert hulk emoji lol*

How did the Staavias brand start? 

Staavias online store launched in January 2016 after 2 years of planning. Gustavia has always had a love for shoes however, blessed with large feet she found it almost impossible to find nice, stylish shoes that could fit her long, wide feet. She thought this was a New Zealand problem but after travelling to different countries looking for her size without success, she soon realised it was a global problem. 

The idea of Staavias was birthed in 2012. At the time Gustavia was heavily pregnant with her 3rd son, working full time and studying in the evening. Despite her busy schedule, Gustavia was absolutely determined to see this vision through. Gustavia travelled around the world to set up partnerships and attend workshops, all funded through her and her husband's wages.

Who is Gustavia Lui?

Pictured below is the founder and CEO of Staavias, Gustavia Lui. Gustavia has no prior experience in business or the footwear industry, once she knew what she wanted, she developed a vision and promised herself she would pursue it with everything she has. 

What makes Staavias different from the rest? 

Walking the talk - Gustavia is size 11.5 wide so any large/wide feet problems you may have experienced, Gustavia fully understands. It helps us to serve you better.

Quality - We pride ourselves on the quality of our shoes. Basically we wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't wear, period. We hate uncomfortable, unbreathable shoes so we've made our shoes comfortable and breathable. We hate cheap and average looking shoes so we've made handcrafted shoes with a very unique look. Don't worry ladies - we got you!!

Exclusiveness - Staavias range is exclusive to sizes 10 to 14 only, so all our sisters with smaller feet will have to pray for larger feet *wink wink*.

Values - We value PEOPLE. Doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, whether you're a customer or not - We want to get to know you. 

Here are some pictures of the journey of Staavias so far. 

Textiles Team
(Textiles Team, China, 2015) 

(Team Leader of Textiles, China, 2015)
(My colleague Monica who is based in China and I, 2015)
(Pattern Making in New York City 2013)
(Shoemaking Course in New York City 2013)
(Testing out Hailey samples, the shoe was still hot, 2015) 
(My colleague Kieran and the best mould technician in Chengdu, China 2015)
Size Chart

To ensure a correct fit, please measure your feet to find the LENGTH and GIRTH measurements.

To measure the LENGTH of your foot, measure from your heel to the end of the tallest toe. 

To measure the GIRTH of your foot, measure right around the widest part of your foot. 

Compare your measurements to these measurements below. If you need help or have any questions - jump on live chat or email/phone us. 

 Size 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 12.5 13 14
Length (cms) 26.4 27.3 28.1 29.0 29.8 30.7 31.5 32.3
Wide Width (cms) 24.4 25.0 25.7 26.3 26.9 27.6 28.3 29.2