Our Story


Inclusivity for all women, regardless of their shoe size. 

No feet are too flat, too big or too wide for Staavias. 

What is Staavias?

If you're a woman who has struggled with finding shoes to comfortably fit your wide, flat, long feet - you, my dear, have come to the perfect place! Staavias is an online store selling women's shoes in sizes 9 to 14.  We sold our first pair of shoes on 02nd January 2016 and have been open online since.

Staavias is an online store only and we ship worldwide. No physical stores. Our headquarters is based in Auckland, New Zealand and we have a very recently opened a Brisbane office. 

Our love and passion for shoes We know what it feels like to spend days & weeks looking for shoes and nothing you find can fit your long, wide and sometimes flat feet. So the reason Staavias exist, is to ensure inclusivity for all women, regardless of their shoe size. In other words, we want you to know that you matter even if you have big feet. 

Here are some pictures of the journey of Staavias so far. 
Textiles Team
(Textiles Team, Chengdu, China, 2015) 

(Team Leader of Textiles, China, 2015)
(My colleague Monica who is based in China and I, 2015)
(Pattern Making in New York City 2013)
(Shoemaking in New York City 2013)
(Testing out Hailey samples, the shoe was still hot, 2015) 
(My colleague Kieran and the best mould technician in Chengdu, China 2015)