5 Signs you Need Wide Feet Shoes

5 Signs you Need Wide Feet Shoes

Do you find it annoying when people keep saying "I have wide feet" yet they're still able to fit into a lot of the shoes sold in footwear stores. *insert rolling eyes emoji". 

You know what though, shoes are all made differently depending on the shoe factory and their processes hence some shoes are a little wider than others. The real question is - how do you know you actually need wide fit shoes?

Well, here are our top 5 signs you need wide fit shoes. 

1. You always have to go up a size or two from your actual size. 

From our Founder's experience, wide feet on women isn't the easiest to shop for. In fact, it's a complete nightmare if you ask Gustavia. If you're finding that you are always having to go up a size or two to compensate for your wide feet then yes you could probably do with some wide fit shoes. 

2. Your pinky toes hurt like hell.

How are your pinky toes doing? They're important too you know! If poor pinkies are constantly being squashed and always in pain it means your feet are too wide for your shoes aka yes! you need wide fit shoes. 

3. Your soles hurt especially near the edges of your soles.

This usually means the shoes you're wearing are narrow and have been made for narrow feet. The upper of the shoe may have extra material hence giving that "wide fit look" but the shoes itself was made on a narrow sole. Therefore, when wide feet are sitting on a narrow sole - Ouch! It's going to be a painful journey. 

4. You cannot fit any shoes in any footwear stores. 

Have you ever gone from store to store to store desperately looking for shoes only to try on every single size 11 or 12 in store and STILL not fit them?? A lot of footwear stores only carry narrow or average width shoes. If you truly have wide feet you won't be able to fit any of these widths even if you go up a size or two.  Basically only Staavias can help you at this point. 

5. Your feet spill over the sides of your shoes. 

 Do your feet spill over the sides of your shoes?? When you look down and the sides are your feet are hanging on for dear life off the side of your shoes. Nope we're not judging you but you do need wide fit shoes. 

Now you know, we're not going to point out all these issues and not have a solution for you. Have you heard of Staavias?? We're a footwear brand of that was created by a woman with long wide feet purely for women with long and wide feet. But how you may ask?

So our Founder Gustavia Lui, became very passionate about finding herself wide shoes after living a literal nightmare of not being able to find shoes. All our shoes have been custom created based on a real life wide foot.

Therefore our soles are genuinely wide so wide, narrow feet cannot fit our collection of shoes. You'll find our shoes are in proportion as both the sole and upper are extra wide. 

So, if you said yes to any of these points more than once - you need wide fit shoes aka you need Staavias! Check out our collection of wide shoes and get real wide fit shoes 

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