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-first time buyer and super stoked - Love my Lilys

Thank you Staavias ........ I have finally received my lilys. They are the perfect fit and super comfortable......Now I have something nice to wear with my clothes and not just havaiannas or pretty but very uncomfortable shoes. You are awesome xx

Lily Tie dye shoes😍

Love how comfortable they are, and the service was so fast, would recommend your shoes to family and friends thank you so much for everything, would be ordering again soon God bless x

Im a Forever Customer

Absolutely gobsmacked that i now have a plug for HOT STYLISH shoes that fit my Hamo feet & that are fit for any occasion! Super comfy, super stylish & the details are fit for large long wide feet! Love these Lily's anytime 💛

Hailey Camo

Absolutely love love love the Hailey-Camos. They are sooooo sooooo beautiful and they fit just like a glove. I can’t wait to take them out on the town 😍 Thank you Staavias for making shoes for us wider footed women 🤭🤪😂 Merry Xmas and have a Happy New Year Whanau 😘

The best heels I've ever worn

Oh my gosh!!!! These are by far the best heels I've ever worn. They accomidate my plus size feet perfectly. Highly recommend


Yes as soon as they arrive in my hands.


The first thought that came to my head when opening my box was "please let it fit me" and then I try them on and....well Staavias thank you for providing such good quality, beautifully designed shoes. I feel so tall & confident in them, I love the feeling esp for a plus sized body & feet woman 😉 Now for my next pair of shoes.

Lily Black Croc


This is the 2nd pair of slides I've bought for my Darlin' Niece who has never had pretty shoes for Her sz 14 feet. The 1st pair I bought (sz 15) was too big. So, I bought a 2nd pair which arrived about a week ago - is waiting in the as yet unopened box for Her birthday, later this month. Thanks for making pretty shoes for Grrrhls with long and very wide feet.

They fit!

Beautifully made, you definitely get what you pay for. And my foot fits which is a miracle. Soft and comfortable too.
And it comes beautifully packaged with a note which is a lovely personal touch.Thank you😊

Lily Crocs (Nude)

Thank you so much for hooking a sister up with these amazing slides. I bought both black and nude and no regrets!! 😍 I've always wanted a pair of slides that fit perfectly and Staavias made that happen! So comfy and the quality is 💯 You can wear them with anything but I choose to wear them only for special occasions and I'm gonna treasure these until not wearable any more lol. Awesome quality shoes worth every dollar I spent! Keep up the awesome work sis. We're here to support you support us xxx

Love my Crocs!!

Staavias has done it again! Comfortable is an understatement! Soooo good! And the fact it makes my feet look normal n not big haha! Thank you so much!


Absolutely love my Cassandra's! Comfortable and so eye catching! Compliments came through as I wore them just like my Hailey's! So happy I got these:)

Croc Sandles

Love these sandles, had to exchange, staavia team help me through, appreciate all the hard work and so excited to wear my sandles 💙 Thankyou so much

Love my Staavia Lily Black Croc's

Thank you Staavias!! My Lily Black & Tan slip ons's are amazing!! They fit perfectly, feel great and comfortable. Thank you for coming thru for us 👀😂 can't wait to purchase more Staavias in the near future 😉


I can finely feel like a girl with my new Cassandra I can now say my shoes match my outfits once you order your first pair of Staavias you cant stop love my Staavias 👠 ❤❤

These are "aiiight" LOLz

I have no idea why I got a size bigger than what I actually needed, but I did - meh, so, its a little big (long for my feet), but Im OK with that! These are so stylish, sleek & make my feet like long & slender lolz....I heart them so much! Will definitely be ordering another pair (or 3) of shoes, just I dont like having to wait for nearly 2 weeks to arrive due to bl**dy covid from overseas - but, if you're reading this, definitely get yourself a pair (or 2)!

Love Lily

Just wanted to say that I absolute love love love my new Lily’s. They fit my feet to a tee and are so comfortable. I chose both the black croc and the pink nude crocs and I am on love. Thank you Staavias. I am so excited now that I have found the right brand for my feet 💙

Heaven sent!

I couldn’t recommend staavias enough,the quality of the shoe alone you can tell a lot of love & effort was put into making them, to Have a shoe company that caters for us gals with wide or extra long feet is a entire game changer. Thank you so much staavia I no longer where thongs with most outfits haha! Will definitely be back


The first pair that fit perfectly and didnt bruise my mighty toes lol. Great comms and delivered within a timely manner. Highly recommended.

Lily Black Croc

Thank you recieved my order Lily black Croc
I dont have big feet but they are wide 🤣🤣 I've had a hard time finding shoes that would fit my wide feet trying my shoes from Staavia on is a like out of this world with a smile beaming from end to the other to put them on and not having the shoes get stuck over the toes  🤣🤣🤣 Thank you Staavia your note in the order says "We hope your shoes make your day"  oh hell No Girl  these shoes made my year 🥰🥰🤣🤣❤❤❤

Aveai - Melbourne Australia

Amazing shoe!

For a gal that’s had far too many fail options when it comes to shoes for my wife feet, staavias shoe collection is Heaven sent! Great feet so much space and amazing quality! Can’t wait to purchase more thank you so much for the great detail & craftsmanship put put into these lovely shoes

Croc slides

I love it! So comfy and fits perfectly I’ve always wanted these type of slides but my island size don’t exist in shoe stores lol

Lily Black Croc

Lily Black Croc

Amazing fit and love it that these shoes are a wide fit. I have always struggled to find shoes that are comfortable for my feet and nice ones you can wear out on any occasion. You can wear them with anything. Thank you Staavias for another great pair to add to my collection. So glad I purchased both pairs. I have options. Love your work sis xxxx