Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you have any more designs coming?

Sorry it has taken us so long, we've had a few ups and downs with our suppliers but we're finally on the right track. We will be posting up new shoes slowly from Feb 2018. 

We've also developed a shorter heel and better flats so we will keep you posted via our FB page, our email list & or IG. 

2. Will you have any upcoming Winter designs soon e.g. boots? 

Yes, we will. We have ankle boots comingKeep an eye out on our website. 

3. Do you provide AfterPay?

At this stage we only offer LayBuy for NZ customers only. We are currently working on an option for Australian customers also. 

4. Are the shoes for wide, flat feet? 

Our shoes are very generous in sizing including widths. Most women have found with Staavias shoes they've gone down a size or 2. 


Size Chart

To ensure a correct fit, please measure your feet to find the LENGTH and GIRTH measurements.

To measure the LENGTH of your foot, measure from your heel to the end of the tallest toe. 

To measure the GIRTH of your foot, measure right around the widest part of your foot. 

Compare your measurements to these measurements below. If you need help or have any questions - jump on live chat or email/phone us. 

 Size 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 12.5 13 14
Length (cms) 26.4 27.3 28.1 29.0 29.8 30.7 31.5 32.3
Wide Width (cms) 24.4 25.0 25.7 26.3 26.9 27.6 28.3 29.2